David Carlisle's Home Page


For several years I have been a member of the LaTeX3 project, which has been responsible for the design and maintenance of the current standard LaTeX system.


Since February 1998 I have been working at NAG. Originally on the Esprit OpenMath project, and since then on various other European and in-house projects related to the processing and specification of mathematical documents and services. I'm currently a Principal Technical Consulant and Group Leader of the XML Technologies group. I also have a small Home Page at NAG.


I'm a member of the OpenMath Society and an editor of the OpenMath Standard.


I have been an Invited Expert in the W3C Math Working Group (or Interest Group) since 1998 (shortly after the first release of MathML 1.0). I'm an editor of the MathML 2, MathML 3 and XML Entity Definitions for Characters Recommendations.

XSLT and XQuery

I'm a regular contributor to the XSL-list and I've also been a regular commenter on XQuery, and have a slightly idiosyncratic XQuery implementation, xq2xml.


A somewhat experimental blog over at blogger.


I'm currently experimenting with Google Sites for the Parent Teacher Association of Matthew's school.


At Home, or for LaTeX topics, please contact me at: d.p.carlisle at gmail dot com

At Work, or for OpenMath or MathML topics, please contact me at NAG: davidc at nag dot co dot uk