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Testing a runlatex JavaScript Parameterised as requested by Stefan for his forum sites. This drops the Overleaf link, just posting to and supports adding a guessed default preamble to fragments that have no \documentclass or % !TEX ... ??tex comment.

full doc

 something  \includegraphics[height=1cm]{example-image}


snippet (graphics)

something \includegraphics[height=1cm]{example-image}

snippet (math)

  something \includegraphics[height=1cm]{example-image}


snippet (tikz)

\tikz \draw[thick,rounded corners=8pt]
(0,0) -- (0,2) -- (1,3.25) -- (2,2) -- (2,0) -- (0,2) -- (2,2) -- (0,0) -- (2,0);

snippet with \begin{document} for Denis

$\Lim f$

snippet requiring extra package regex

    \qty[mode = text]{1.23}{J.mol^{-1}.K^{-1}}

default latex (for pstricks)

An example from







default lualatex (for \directlua)

An example from learn LaTeX.



$ 2\pi \approx \directlua{ tex.print(2 * math.pi) } $


Editor but no texlive button

# !TEX none

# Editable bash script
export TEXINPUTS=zzzz
export PATH=somewhere

Raw pre, no editing

/* !TEX noedit

void noneEditC(int x);